This blog post covers the winners from the Volmex perpetual futures testnet trading competition that ran from July 17th to September 4th 2023. Thanks to everyone that participated in the competition to make testing a massive success!


First Place ($1,500 Prize): 0x897b0Aa29cEb0163C70Cb8B98e730782a45db3B7

Second Place ($750 Prize): 0x4d2C3d6890A8CfAD7b3605B794A2D9f99bA7e70C

Third Place ($250 Prize): 0x616cc348b0e5cccc5cd9e8900c151c2f6baf3612

Claiming Prize

Winners need to send an email to to proceed with the process to confirm ownership of the winning wallets and claim the prize.

Stay tuned

We have some excited updates coming soon. The Volmex Perpetual Futures DEX is approaching mainnet, the Volmex ecosystem is growing, and more. Stay tuned!  

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