The Volmex Implied Volatility Indices, BVIV Index and EVIV Index, are now available on, the leading charting platform and social network used by 50M+ traders and investors worldwide to spot opportunities across global markets.

The BVIV and EVIV Indices gauge crypto implied volatility and measure the constant, 30-day expected volatility of the Bitcoin and Ethereum respectively, derived from real-time crypto call and put options. EVIV and BVIV are similar to VIX, but for crypto assets. Volmex also builds a suite of products around the Volmex Implied Volatility Indices, which make the indices tradable and investable for hedging, speculating, and diversification.

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BVIV Index on TradingView:

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About Volmex

Volmex Labs is the leading builder of crypto volatility indices and products. Volmex is backed by leading crypto investors and traders including Robot Ventures, DWF Labs, CMS Holdings, and more. The Volmex Labs team consists of world-class talent from various crypto and TradFi companies including Staked, IMC Trading, ConsenSys, and more.