Today, we are thrilled to announce that v1 has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet. All contract addresses can be found here. v1 enables volatility tokens, collateralized ERC20 tokens which aim to track the implied or realized volatility of any crypto asset. This new primitive can be used to speculate or hedge crypto market volatility. Additionally, volatility tokens are extremely composable with the flourishing DeFi ecosystem. More details on v1 full functionality are available here.

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers can mint Ethereum Volatility Index and Bitcoin Volatility Index volatility tokens with Dai here.

Once minted, volatility tokens can be provisioned to Uniswap (or another exchange) pools. Some Uniswap v3 pools are available here.


Traders can swap ERC20 tokens for volatility tokens here.


Developers can build on v1 today. Initial documentation can be found here. Furthermore, the Volmex Labs team will be available to answer integration-related questions in our Discord’s #integrations channel.


1. What indexes are available on Volmex today?

Ethereum Volatility Index (ETHV) and Bitcoin Volatility Index (BTCV) are live today. Both indexes are designed to track the annualized 30-day implied volatility of respective assets  derived from near the money options.

2. What are the supported collateral types?

Currently, DAI is supported as collateral. More collateral types will be available soon!

3. How much collateral is required to mint Ethereum Volatility Index tokens? Bitcoin Volatility Index tokens?

250 DAI is required to mint 1 Ethereum Volatility Index token (ETHV) and 1 Inverse Ethereum Volatility Index (iETHV).

4. Is the protocol audited?

Yes, the Volmex smart contract system has been audited by both CertiK (access audit report) and Coinspect (access audit report).

5. How are indices calculated?

Options data is sourced in real-time from Deribit, the leading crypto options exchange. A rolling 30 day implied volatility output (e.g. Ethereum Volatility Index, etc) is derived using an inverted Black-Scholes formula.

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About is a protocol for tokenized volatility built on Ethereum. Traders can leverage the protocol to express a view on the expected volatility of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more. Volmex Labs, the builder of, is backed by leading crypto investment and trading firms including Alameda Research, Robot Ventures, CMS Holdings, Orthogonal Trading, IOSG Ventures, D64 Ventures, DeFi Technologies (NEO: DEFI), Fourth Revolution Capital, and Coral DeFi.