The Volmex Perpetual Futures Protocol public testnet is now live on the Coinbase-backed Base Goerli test network! By offering the first perpetual future contracts on a crypto implied volatility index, the BVIV Index (Bitcoin Volmex Implied Volatility Index) and EVIV Index (Ethereum Volmex Implied Volatility Index), Volmex Perpetual Futures are set to transform the way crypto market participants trade and invest in crypto volatility. Perpetual future contracts on BVIV and EVIV Indices make it easier than ever for crypto traders and investors to hedge, diversify, or speculate with crypto volatility products.

The Volmex Perpetual Futures Exchange Protocol is underpinned by a decentralized matching engine and order book that is maintained by an independent set of off-chain relayers or relayer nodes. Orders are propagated and matched between relayers using peer-to-peer communication, removing the need for a centralized intermediary.

In the coming weeks, the Volmex perpetual futures public testnet will be expanding to more Ethereum Layer 2 networks, such as Arbitrum, with additionally supported stablecoin collaterals, such as USDT.

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About Volmex

Volmex Labs is the leading builder of crypto volatility indices and products. Volmex is backed by leading crypto investors and traders including Robot Ventures, DWF Labs, CMS Holdings, and more. The Volmex Labs team consists of world-class talent from various crypto and traditional financial industry companies including Staked, IMC Trading, ConsenSys, MSCI, and more.

The Volmex Perpetual Futures testnet is available only to users outside of the US.  Please see Volmex’s Terms of Service at the following link for additional terms and conditions applicable to the testnet: