While volmex.finance is dedicated to Ethereum, the Ethereum mainnet is very expensive today. After extensive technical diligence, we're thrilled to share that volmex.finance will leverage Optimism layer 2 technology to make index querying and future trading functionality cheaper and faster than ever before.

volmex.finance partners and users require more than what the Ethereum mainnet can currently offer. Layer 2 technologies, like Optimism, will provide DeFi users a 100x+ improvement in user experience.

We have begun development on a local volmex.finance Optimism testnet and will work on a public testnet and mainnet implementation with the help of the Optimism team, pending respective OVM deployments. EVM and OVM mainnet deployments will operate in parallel.

So, what exactly can volmex.finance built on Optimism achieve?

  • Near instant index queries that cost only a few pennies.
  • Better UX than centralized exchanges today. Unparalleled speed. Transparency. Mathematical certainty. No minimums or maximums. No third parties.
  • DeFi composability with other DeFi OVM deployments including Uniswap, Synthetix, and more!

We can't wait to share more with the community! Stay tuned.

To learn more about volmex.finance, please read the introductory blog post here.

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